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15 year industry veteran explains How to Make More Money at Your Fitness Facility without spending any more in advertising
About Krista Samsel
With over 15 years in the Health and Fitness Industry, Krista Samsel specializes in opening, revitalizing, and streamlining gyms and boutique fitness studios for maximum profit and growth. From location scouting, software selection, staff training to sales and marketing, Miss Kris Fitness offers a full-range of services geared towards successful launches or restructures. 
Samsel has launched or revitalized over 40 gyms nationwide and is extremely seasoned at seeing facilities as a whole, pinpointing where improvements can be made, needs are not being met and troubleshoot revenue losses. 

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I'm Michael Tesalona - here are some quick stats:
  • Starting digital marketing in 2013
  • Former collegiate wrestler and investment banker
  • Husband, father of 2
Have you ever have one conversation with someone that CHANGED EVERYTHING?

For me it was when a gym owner told me that he had no problem spending $1,000 PER DAY on Facebook advertising.

I just couldn't get over it. How could anyone ever spend that much on ads every single day?...

When I dug in deeper it made complete sense and it really illustrated the power of paid ads.

Ultimately you need to answer this one question: 

How much are you willing to pay for one new member?

Seriously, do you know what that number is?

People generally hate math - but they enjoy counting money. So just imagine this numbers are dollars flowing in and out of your bank account:

Let's say that one new member is $125 per month and they stay, on average, for 9 months.

$125 (monthly revenue)
x 9 (average lifetime)
= $1,125 (total lifetime revenue)

So if a new member is worth $1,125 to your business - how much are you willing to pay to get that new member?

$100, $200, $300???

Whatever you decide, the beauty of paid advertising is that you generate leads, see if you're hitting your numbers and scale up.

$20 (average cost per lead)
÷ 20% (average closing percentage)
= $100 (cost to acquire a customer)

If you knew with pretty strong certainty that you could pay $100 today and get a new customer and ultimately collect $1,125 in revenue...

How many customers would you buy?

If your answer is - "as much as I can afford!" then you might be one your way to scaling your ad budget up to $1,000 a day = - )

When paid advertising is combined with a strong sales process and a good product, the results are mind blowing.

This is how tremendous wealth and massive businesses are created.


I have to ask....

What's holding you back from doing this?
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